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Wait until you’ve got a better rapport and are a little more comfortable with each other, or the date can turn awkward very quickly. While at some point it will be a good idea to discuss histories with health and STD issues (a conversation that shouldn't come up until you know you're ready to take that step), discussing the number of partners or details about encounters is a slippery slope.

The question may be taken as offensive, as invading the person’s privacy.

However, no one knows who is on the other side of the computer screen.

There is a way for women to narrow down the men they are interested in meeting and dating without going solely on looks.

First Date Questions Women Should Ask Men The first date shouldn’t be seen as grilling time, so a woman should always remember to be fun, honest and pleasant when asking and talking to the guy or he may be the one who is put off.

However, there is no point in delaying the questions because it will be harder to for a woman to believe what her instincts are telling her if she has dated the guy for a while and likes him.

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No woman really wants to meet men at the bar or a night club, and as most men are waiting until they are older for serious commitments, college is no longer the place to meet someone with an eye for the long term.

There are some rare exceptions, such as if you met through an online religious dating site and marked religious compatibility as very important, or if you are both members of the same church.

Other than that, it’s probably not a good time to challenge each other’s most deeply held beliefs. Just as religion is not a topic for polite conversation, neither are politics.

On a first date I think you should start off with small conversation like "How are you? When meeting for the first time, ask questions to start conversation like if they bring up something that has happened to them when asked, "How are you?

" then people usely can ask one question about the subject and tell a relating story,telling a relating story shows you have things in common and you know where they are coming from.

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