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Not only is it an operating garage, the building also doubles as a mini-works for refurbishing Stagecoach London’s buses.We were allowed unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to film the work in progress.After a very short period, the articulated experiment in the capital has been brought to an end.Starting with route 25 and working through to the last survivor, route 207, this is our survey of the final year of Mercedes Citaro artics.We were given unlimited access by the organisers, allowing our cameras to set up in restricted areas so you get the very best views of this fascinating part of the day.- The aim was to include a bus from every year of the Queen’s reign to celebrate her 60th year.

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The City of London financial area isn’t all banks, grand buildings and branches of Starbucks.

The RT-worked regular service alongside of the Epping & Ongar Railway also earns its own section.

As well as the central area Routemasters, the RMC & RCL sub-classes feature in the general double-decker section alongside RLHs, Daimler Fleetlines and the LT Museum's K-Type. and everything else, including the Leyland Tiger, the Merlin, the Guy Special and even the Leyland National.

How many actually featured on the road run from Royston to Duxford, and how many more featured in the parade at the airfield? - Especially impressive in 2012 because of the AEC factor. The two new types on London’s streets in 2012, both from Wrightbus - the single-deck Streetlite and, of course, the ‘Borismaster’.

- As well as the Queen’s Jubilee, AEC celebrated its centenary in 2012, the red London RF reached the 60 year mark, and the Bedford twin-steer clocked up its half-century. Grouped by type, the individual buses were lined up in numerical order to provide numerous photo opportunties. The Streets of London series explores diverse aspects of Tf L’s bus operations in the capital and starts from a simple premise: If we find something interesting, you will too. As well as day-to-day running on route 38, the section includes footage of the New Bus launch in Trafalgar Square in December 2011.

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