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The new herpes blood tests are a very reliable way of knowing what type of herpes you carry, whether or not you are currently having symptoms. Since MOST PEOPLE WITH HERPES DO NOT HAVE NOTICEABLE SYMPTOMS (most of the time), it is possible that you already have some form of herpes but don’t know it.Most doctors do NOT include a herpes blood test when they are testing their patients for other common STD’s.A woman named Jacqueline, who goes by the username "jaquezjaquezz" on Twitter, recently shared a story about an STI one of her friends allegedly caught from a Tinder date, and I should probably warn you, this story will give you nightmares for the rest of your life...or at least convince you to Google every person you make plans to go on a date with from here on out.Could he “shed” the virus in the area surrounding the penis where its not covered by the condom?Could I get it this way if he has no symptoms and no sores/blisters? If he has no outbreaks should he take valtrex or any other antiviral medication to reduce risk of transmission.

If you already have HSV-2, then you and your boyfriend can forget about taking daily antiviral therapy or using condoms – except as a contraceptive.But herpes is NOT included in the standard STD panels. Unless your BF has had noticeable outbreaks, you don’t know if or where he might ever shed the virus.You have to ask your doctor specifically to include a *type-specific herpes blood test for both HSV-1 and HSV-2* or else, you should know that you probably have NEVER been tested for herpes. Condoms may or may not cover the area where he may potentially shed the virus.You might also have genital herpes and not know it.The stigma of genital herpes is really more of a problem than the virus itself.

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