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Tight sandstone oil reservoirs have received increasing attention in petroleum exploration and exploitation.Previous research concerning tight oil reservoirs has predominantly focused on marine basins.The North Sea located on the continental shelf has different waves from those in deep ocean water.The wave speeds are diminished and the wave amplitudes are increased.The feature is a series of asymmetrical trenches between 20 and 30 kilometres (12 and 19 mi) long, 1 and 2 kilometres (0.62 and 1.24 mi) wide and up to 230 metres (750 ft) deep. From Dunnet Head (3°22'W) in Scotland to Tor Ness (58°47'N) in the Island of Hoy, thence through this island to the Kame of Hoy (58°55'N) on to Breck Ness on Mainland (58°58'N) through this island to Costa Head (3°14'W) and to Inga Ness (59'17'N) in Westray through Westray, to Bow Head, across to Mull Head (North point of Papa Westray) and on to Seal Skerry (North point of North Ronaldsay) and thence to Horse Island (South point of the Shetland Islands). From the North point (Fethaland Point) of the Mainland of the Shetland Islands, across to Graveland Ness (60°39'N) in the Island of Yell, through Yell to Gloup Ness (1°04'W) and across to Spoo Ness (60°45'N) in Unst island, through Unst to Herma Ness (60°51'N), on to the SW point of the Rumblings and to Muckle Flugga () all these being included in the North Sea area; thence up the meridian of 0°53' West to the parallel of 61°00' North and eastward along this parallel to the coast of Norway, the whole of Viking Bank being thus included in the North Sea. The Western limit of the Skagerrak [A line joining Hanstholm ( The North Sea is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean receiving the majority of ocean current from the northwest opening, and a lesser portion of warm current from the smaller opening at the English Channel.These tidal currents leave along the Norwegian coast.Secondly, widely distributed source rocks (TOC 1.0%) provide hydrocarbons to the Chang 7.The distribution of tight oil was controlled by the outer boundary of the source rock distribution, while the transition areas between generation (expulsion) centers were the accumulation and enrichment zones in the Chang 7.

An epeiric (or "shelf") sea on the European continental shelf, it connects to the ocean through the English Channel in the south and the Norwegian Sea in the north.

However, in China, tight oil reservoirs are mostly distributed in lacustrine basins.

Taking the tight oil sandstones of the Yanchang Formation Chang 7 oil reservoir interval (the Chang 7 for short) in the Ordos Basin as an example, five factors are identified that control their formation and occurrence.

Due to the dense population, heavy industrialization, and intense use of the sea and area surrounding it, there have been a number of environmental issues affecting the sea's ecosystems.

Adverse environmental issues — commonly including overfishing, industrial and agricultural runoff, dredging, and dumping among others — have led to a number of efforts to prevent degradation of the sea while still making use of its economic potential.

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