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We all were stripped to the waist to box and I'm guessing you were the same.

No one really wanted to look bad in the ring but it was a way to release frustration ect.

So,we certainly weren't allowed to keep our vests on and as to T.shirts; we never ever wore them.

Jason, hardly any of the kids that I went to school with wore vests and those boys would not have wanted to wear a vest or T shirt for PE.

It was a good idea at your school for classes to wear different coloured shorts thereby enabling team games where all lads can stay stripped to the waist.

Shirts vs skins can be bad for less confident kids, if all boys are shirtless it is fairer and all boys will get used to it and gain confidence in their bodies. We wore either black or white shorts depending on which class we were in.

All boys today should be able to continue to share that experience.

When I started a job in 1962, I realised that none of my young male colleagues wore vests under their shirts, so I ditched mine and have never worn one since.

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