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Hence, starting with season seven, Monk gets a new therapist, Dr.

As a professional and reputable online store, DVD Planet Store is fully committed to the twin issues of copyright and trademarks.Julie is seventeen years old by the time of the season seven episode "Mr. Trying to become an actress during the season eight episode "Mr.Monk and the Critic", Julie's beautiful voice is the key to proving that theater critic John Hannigan snuck out and killed his girlfriend Callie Esterhaus during a theater performance. Monk and the End, Part One", Julie moves away from home to enter the University of California at Berkeley to study Theatre Arts.He has his girlfriend pose as Julie's aunt because he saw a T-shirt with a photo of Julie and her previous boyfriend Tim Sussman, in which he and Dewey converse in the background. After two other women with the name 'Julie Teeger' are killed, Natalie's Julie becomes the only person with this name within 1,000 miles.In the same episode, it is revealed that Julie was named for Mitch's aunt, who was one of the first female war correspondents in Vietnam.

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