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He's willing to take risks for them and help them at any cost.When Kuroneko started attending the same high school as Kyousuke, she was without any friends; however, Kyousuke joined the computer research club with her, despite being ignorant about anything concerning computers, in order for her to meet new friends.At the beginning of the series, Kyousuke and his younger sister, Kirino, have a distant relationship.Kyousuke says that they entered a "cold war" of sorts a few years ago, but the details of this cold war have yet to be revealed.In 2010, he portrayed the hero Aguri/Gosei Black in Tensou Sentai Goseiger, the first portrayer of a Black Super Sentai Warrior to have been born in the Heisei period of Japanese history.Via a live broadcast as well as a staff blog post it was announced that he would leave the entertainment business from February 2014 forward.

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Brought to you by Watch4and directed by Takeshi Yokoi, Another school year is starting.

Upon meeting up with Gii, Takumi is worried when it turns out Gii has changed, suddenly acting cold and distant.

Could their relationship be in danger for real this time?

As the two plan to get married, they hit some situations where they might not be completely accepted by other people due to the immoral relationship between the two.

In the end, they get married, but then go back to being siblings afterwords.

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