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hmmmmmm, Okay, i get it now, ya it must have to be implemented with GUI. I am just getting ready for Java OCP exam because android projects are mostly done in Java, so i decided why not to take java exams as well, killing two birds with one stone... Me too, messing with Java (because of android projects) since Uni which was like yours about 10 years ago and its really a comfort to know that i am not alone in this java boat turbulence . I needed something with a small learning curve since it has been so long since I've programmed.

Oh, I've been on this boat for a few months now ... grab the nearest metal object that is fastened to the boat and HANG ON! A little googling turned this up, you may be interested in it: Java FX development for Android And it should not matter one bit, what you are using for your IDE ...

as in they are throwing all their eggs into that basket and slowly abandoning the other ways of doing it - but I may be wrong about that, I'm not sure.Several test elements use JMeter properties to control their behaviour.These properties are normally resolved when the class is loaded.If you are not using Java FX, at least you WILL be using something that will use a similar means of binding code to events on controls.Although I do not know if every way of building a GUI in Java implements control methods as simply as Java FX does, as Java FX is the only way I've ever done it.

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